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Dear Home Business Owner,


Tired of spinning your wheels on social media in dead-end conversations trying to convince dead-beat tire-kickers to buy your products & services?

How many people are NOT buying your life-changing products and services because you don't have an AUTOMATED way to get interested prospects to talk to every single day?

How many people are passing up on your coaching & consulting services because you have not figured out how to recruit in your company consistently with ease and flow?

A lack of getting interested QUALITY prospects to talk to on a daily basis without spending 8+ hours per day on social media may already be costing you a great deal...

If you feel like a failure with your social media efforts despite putting in the time and energy, we WE FEEL YOUR PAIN... And we don't think its right that you should have to spend 8+ hours a day running around social media like a chicken with your head cut-off...

Which is why we partnered with Todd & Leah Rae Getts, a powerhouse Instagram couple that has been able to build a multiple 6-figure home business leveraging Instagram while raising two little boys at home!

These master marketers have cracked the code on TWITTER, and they are on a mission to help home business owners create MASSIVE Leverage, Sales, and Sign-ups with AUTOMATION through the untapped social media platform, TWITTER.

MEET YOUR GUIDES to help you Get Sales, Sign-ups, and Time Freedom with Twitter...

Todd & Leah Rae are a previous music teacher and registered nurse, and they knew NOTHING about Twitter just a few short years ago.

Over the past few years they have spent tens of thousands of dollars on their education, events, courses, coaches, and countless hours on Twitter to find out what actually works (and what doesn't).

And fast forward to today they have enjoyed 6-Figure MONTHS in their business, and you get to compress years of time and thousands of dollars as you unlock their Twitter Leverage Secrets today.

Their simple PROVEN Twitter Framework has already helped countless business owners just like YOU get AUTOMATED leads, sales and sign-ups in a fraction of the time... and now its your turn.

Its time you stop the pain of wasting time, energy, and resources on social media and start getting RESULTS. Introducing...

Ultimate Tweet Leverage

Ultimate Tweet Leverage


'Ultimate Tweet Leverage' is 9 easy-to-execute modules to get a massive amount of leads and interested prospects to talk to on AUTOPILOT from Twitter.


Inside Tweet Leverage we reveal our best strategies to AUTOMATE this entire process, free up your time, and get automated sales from TWITTER!


Get Instant Access to 10 Amazing Bonuses worth $2,874 plus a community to help you finally get tangible, real results and PROFITS from Twitter.

Learn How To Create The Ultimate Leverage In Your Business With Twitter And...

AND ...
Generate 32+ Leads/Day
All On 100% Autopilot!...All WITHOUT having to spend a single penny on advertising or having to learn complicated SEO...

WHAT THIS ULTIMATE TWEET LEVERAGE COURSE HAS TO OFFERDetails of exactly what we're going to cover in every module

MODULE 1: Marketing Tactics Of The Pros - Basic Principles

Learn the psychology of what makes people want to buy and join, how to identify and target the best prospects for your business, and how to properly brand your business in a way that creates loyal customers that keep coming back over and over again.

MODULE 2: Twitter Quick Start Guide

Get up and running as fast as possible with our Twitter Quick Start Guide! Learn how to set up your Twitter account in a way that positions you as an expert and a professional, and attracts the best prospects. Discover the basic and advanced functions of Twitter that will allow you to build a successful business online.

MODULE 3: Free And Easy Ways To Build A Massive Following

Discover the one thing you should NEVER do when building your audience, and learn two simple, easy, quick ways of building your audience that you can implement on day 1 without paying for ads by using just a few free tools that you can access online.

MODULE 4: Hacks For Getting Followers Lightening FAST

It's time to start creating momentum and leverage! Learn how to get 4,000+ new, organic followers every single month in as little as 15 minutes a day with this super-effective audience growth strategy.

MODULE 5: Tweeting For Traffic

Now that you're growing a huge audience on Twitter, it's time to start cashing in on it! Learn the secrets to getting massive engagement on your Tweets, how to turn your audience into loyal followers, and how to drive thousands of visitors to your website.

MODULE 6: Turning Twitter Into A Lead Machine

Learn the top 3 ways to generate dozens of leads every single day on Twitter and exactly how to position your offer to get the highest conversion rates. Then watch as we reveal our 2 secret strategies for getting even MORE leads without adding any more work to our plate!

MODULE 7: How To Get 24/7 Automated Traffic And Leads

This is what separates the good marketers from the GREAT ones! Get the ultimate leverage in your business, and put 100% of your focus on getting sales and sign-ups while everyone else is wasting their time running around chasing after prospects. Learn the secret weapons we use to put our Twitter marketing on 100% autopilot and learn how to leverage these tools in your business.

MODULE 8: Advanced Automation Made Simple

Learning how to put Twitter on 100% automation is great. But setting up automation software can be highly technical and time-consuming. Learn how you can start generating traffic and leads TODAY as we take ALL of the guesswork out of your Twitter marketing by taking our most advanced, effective automation settings and show you how to set them up step-by-step.

MODULE 9: Fine Tuning Your Tweet Machine

Learning how to use our Twitter automation settings can be super useful and effective, but what happens when you want to go ABOVE and BEYOND what we're doing? Learn how to fully customize your automation settings, troubleshoot any issues you may have, and automate almost any task in Twitter.

Try Ultimate Tweet Leverage Risk-Free for 30 Days


We guarantee you're going to love Ultimate Tweet Leverage, and we know it's going to help you grow your business.

We're not even going to ask you to make a decision today because we're going to let you try it 100% risk-free for 30 days.

Sign up today and take the next 30 days to devour this exciting lead-generation training.

If you can prove to us that you EXECUTED the training and got zero results, and you are unsatisfied with the material, simply let our support team know and we'll give you a no-questions-asked full refund.

We simply ask that you actually consume the training and EXECUTE before you say it doesn't work... because if you take action, this course could set you free.

We are removing all the risk and putting the pressure on us to deliver the goods... YES, we are that confident this will work for you when you SAY YES to Tweet Leverage TODAY!


Brian Fanale

"These guys can help anybody get to where they want to go if it involves getting more prospects, getting more leads, getting more sales, and building an online presence and a brand - these guys are total rock stars!"

- Brian Fanale
MLSP Co-founder

Mark Harbert

"When you're looking to follow a leader, you need to make sure they get results, they're moving, and they're on top of their game. And that's what you get with Todd and LeahRae."

- Mark Harbert
Top Earner and Trainer



$197 VALUE

The Sales Funnel Formula

The Sales Funnel Formula

How do you attract laser-targeted leads and get them to excitedly hand over their contact information to you? With a SALES FUNNEL, of course! Learn how to craft a professional sales funnel around your product, service, or opportunity and start generating leads, making sales, and getting sign-ups like a pro!


$497 VALUE

Done-For-You Automation

Done-For-You Automation

Being able to fully automate your traffic and lead generation is amazing. How can we make it better? By doing it FOR you!

You simply download our settings, plug in YOUR account, YOUR messages, and YOUR offers, and click START, and let these automated settings do all of the work for you.

Full automation simply CAN'T get any easier than this!


$297 VALUE

3x Your Twitter Traffic And Leads

3x Your Twitter Traffic And Leads

Learn our top-earner secrets on how to go from 5-10 leads/day and multiply that up 2x and even 3x to 30+ leads per day.

The key to BIG success is being able to take something that works, and then massively scale it up! What makes this Twitter strategy so powerful is the ability to multiply your results with this powerful training and automation sequence download!



Private Facebook Group

Private Facebook Group

Afraid of getting stuck? Think you'll have questions? We've got you covered!

Get access to our private Facebook Mastermind group for continued support.

Share successes, help solve problems, ask questions, get help!


$597 VALUE

Twitter Marketing Mastermind Recordings

Twitter Marketing Mastermind Recordings

Get access to 6 hours of exclusive (previously unreleased) high-level, in-depth Twitter mastermind recordings.

Twitter Profile Reviews

Advanced Automation Hacks (Get bigger results, FASTER!)

Step-by-Step Lead Generation Setup

Copywriting & Lead Capture Page Design

And Much, MUCH More!


$149 VALUE

2,409 Inspirational Picture Quotes!

2,409 Inspirational Picture Quotes!

Don't know what to tweet about? New to Twitter and need high-quality content for your Twitter feed?

Get tweeting as fast as possible and NEVER run out of content with 2,409 high-quality, engaging inspirational picture quotes!

These can also be used on Instagram and Facebook!



37,268 Tweetable Text Quotes

37,268 Tweetable Text Quotes

STILL don't know what to tweet about? Need even MORE high-quality content for your Twitter feed?

Seriously...never, EVER run out of content with 37,268 tweetable quotes! Sorted by category , formatted to 280 characters or less.

Download as MS Excel or CSV file.


$197 VALUE

Entire Ultimate Tweet Leverage Course On MP3

Entire Ultimate Tweet Leverage Course On MP3

Downloadable MP3 Audio version of all lessons!

Listen on the way to work, while driving your kids to soccer practice, in your cubicle at work, at the gym, when you're doing dishes or laundry, etc.

Just download to your smartphone, plug in, and learn!


$397 VALUE

Step-By-Step Blog Setup Tutorial

Step-By-Step Blog Setup Tutorial

Your website is one of the only 2 things you actually OWN on the internet!

Having your own professional-looking website creates unbeatable authority and legitimacy to your business. Learn how to set up your own professional-quality blog in just a few hours with our step-by-step blog setup training!


$397 VALUE

YouTube Rock Star

YouTube Rock Star

People only buy from and join those that they know, like, and trust...and VIDEO creates more "know, like, and trust" than any other type of media.

Learn how to create compelling YouTube videos that not only generate leads, but also learn the secret ranking factors that only the top YouTube marketers know about and how to leverage them to rank at the top of page 1!


Steve Jaffe

"I've gotten to know a lot of top earners in the industry and Todd and Leah are among the very best. Their training is very comprehensive, they leave no stone unturned, and are very thorough. You're in great hands when you get trained by Todd and Leah."

- Steve Jaffe
Top Earner and Trainer

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$3,573 VALUE

BONUS 1: The Sales Funnel Formula

$197 VALUE

BONUS 2: Done-For-You Automation

$497 VALUE

BONUS 3: 3x Your Twitter Traffic And Leads

$297 VALUE

BONUS 4: Private Facebook Group


BONUS 5: Twitter Marketing Mastermind Recordings

$597 VALUE

BONUS 6: 2,409 Inspirational Picture Quotes!

$149 VALUE

BONUS 7: 37,268 Tweetable Text Quotes


BONUS 8: Entire Ultimate Tweet Leverage Course On MP3

$197 VALUE

BONUS 9: Step-By-Step Blog Setup Tutorial

$397 VALUE

BONUS 10: YouTube Rock Star

$397 VALUE


$6,447 VALUE



Ultimate Tweet Leverage

Total Value $6,447

Limited-Time Special Only $297

Follow the Simple 'Instagram Profits Playbook' to PROFIT With Instagram!

Step 1


Fill out the short order form, join the Ultimate Tweet Leverage team, and get instant access to your step by step training + BONUSES

Step 2


Follow the Easy Framework: Follow the simple step by step Twitter training to get fresh, targeted leads & prospects who actually buy your products & services.

Step 3


Leverage Twitter Like the Top Earners for Real Results... finally build your dream business and get AUTOMATED SALES & PROFITS with Twitter.

Get Started for 3 Payments of $117... or Save $54 with a One-Time Payment of Only $297!

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